The Uhip Team

About us at uhip

Uhip is a Swedish clothing design company located in Täby, Sweden. Our customers are mainly active woman, and the collection consists of outdoor functional garments with partly pattented special features and great outdoor materials.

The idea is to offer you our customer, clothing with original features, functionality, innovative design and make you look good in a city or shopping enviroment.

No one wants to freeze or feel limited while doing what they love outdoors, and with Uhip they don’t have to.

Uhips most well known design protected garment is the thermal skirt that protects you getting from cold/wet thighs during activities, for example horse back riding, and with zippers at the front and rear this was a totally new functional wearing garment for all horse back riders, when we lauched it 2010.

You are staying warm and dry both in the horses saddle or on a bike, as well as when grooming or walking the dog.

The products are sold through our web shop and retailers in Sweden, but the company is rapidly growing in other parts of Europe.


Uhip Functionalwear was founded in 2010 by CEO and clothing designer Ulrika Falkman who still plays an central role in the company.

Her idea behind the clothing line stems from her combined lifelong interest in sewing, design, clothing and horses.

Uhip was born out of her unique ability to blend her personal passion for creating solutions to every day problems with her professional interest in sales and marketing. Over the years, her ideas have spanned from the best way to remain warm while in a horse stable to improved efficiency in the office or home. No one wants to freeze or be limited while doing what they love outdoors. With Uhip, you don’t have to.