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Our Zippers

Our “two-way zippers” can sometimes get stuck if they get a little skewed. There is nothing wrong with them (is YKK’s best manufacturer), it’s just like that with two-way chains, they are sometimes a bit cheeky 🙂 In 9 times out of 10, our recommendation usually is “don’t be afraid to take a little extra hard when unzipping”. If that does not work, you are of course welcome to contact us at support@uhip.se


All of our products have 1 year warranty and 3 year reclamation right according to the swedish law called “konsumentköplagen”. The product warranty covers manufacturing defects. If you have purchased a defected product, in accordance with Konsumentköplagen, you are entitled to free repair, replacement delivery of new faultless product or cancellation of the purchase and monitory reimbursing. Your order confirmation or receipt is valid as warranty. Although the business purchases are not subjected in Konsumentköplagen, we follow the same rules if you buy your Uhip pfor business. That is, you can replace and return your goods for free. You also have a 12 month warranty.