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Om Uhip

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About the company


Swedish design company that is passionate about clothing with smart features

Uhip is a Swedish design company based in Täby who love smart features, great outdoor materials and to solve problems and challenges for the target group who are active women. The collection consists of extra clothing such as jackets, thermal skirts, coats and vests with in some cases design protected design and function except that they are functional even make you look good in a city environment, or shopping. The materials are selected to withstand harsh environments where moisture, dirt and water are living and which can not be restricted in movement of a garment that is too bulky or heavy. No one wants to freeze or feel constrained on the clothes they are wearing when exercising. With Uhip you avoid it![/box][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][box]

It started with a new functional clothing for riders; the so-called ”ridkjolen”


The Uhip is best known for the cover skirt originally developed specifically for riders and launched as a completely new functional clothing for horse riding in autumn 2011. Uhip’s cover skirt igot the name ”Ridkjol” among riders but it works great for bikers and women who want to be able to move freely and stay warm at the same time too. Uhip’s design-protected cover skirt has zippers in front and back, unlike the others on the market that have zippers on the side.


Sales are conducted in our own webshop uhipwear.se and through selected retailers, primarily in the horse sector but also in other outdoor and in the ”Lifestyle Stores”. The majority are Swedish customers, but the rapid growth occurs in the rest of Europe and Russia.


Background – How it all began

Autumn 2010- idea borns

In autumn 2010, I came upon the idea for an equestrian-covering skirt that would make it possible for riders to ride in the winter riding pants and let the skirt sides hang down and heat the exposed thighs in the saddle. The inspiration came from the very clever so-called ”Åre-skirt” but I happened to turn on the skirt so that the zippers came forward and back instead of the side and saw in front of me that it was quite possible that when riding in the skirt.

Here we go

When I do something I do it at full speed, it is not for nothing, I called for ”ullis.nu” 🙂 My husband has work cut out to keep up …….. Anyway, during the winter / spring 2010 I sewed a prototype that was tested with good results. PRV was contacted to design protection of the idea and after a few adjustments became the skirt unique design protected. During the summer of 2011, was elected a sewing supplier in China and one in the UAE for the production of a sample. The choice fell on the provider in the UAE, and production was started with the first delivery in November 2011.

The launch in autumn 2011 with the silver spot as this year’s equestrian gadget

Marketing started on Facebook a few weeks before the skirt DEVICES delivery and once they had got over 500 riders liked the idea! In a month and a half was sold a few hundred skirts. Uhip skirt came in second place in the competition ”The year 2011 equestrian gadget” on horse magazine Hipson!

More garments with different and smart features developed

In parallel with efforts to obtain design protection on the skirt developed a quilted jacket a special and unique cuffs (cuffs), fold-down ”hand warmer” / sleeve. The background of the design is that most riders would use thin riding gloves and then freezes hands during the cold season, we saw that there is a need to keep the hands warm during the winter season without thick gloves. Even the jackets were sewn up and delivered in autumn 2011 and the end of the first winter season had the entire shipment sold out with very good ratings and reviews from the riders and the media. The design of the jacket’s cuffs were applied also by PRV for design protection which was approved during the same period.