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Environmental sustainability

We at Uhip see it as a matter of course to work environmentally friendly and with respect for natural resources. Subconsciously we choose materials and manufacturing processes that have as little impact as possible, and we go about designing functional clothing with nature and the needs of our customers in a responsible manner. Fir example, each selected garment in insulated with partially renewable plant fibers. We keep up to date and are always actively looking for materials and suppliers that live up to our high standards, because we know that our garments are used daily and that we want them to withstand and last several seasons.

Reuse and recycle

Uhips clothing used ”rough and tough” and will eventually wear out. Do not throw your functional clothing away without creating instead a matter / form where you have the opportunity to recycle your clothes and let them get a new life on a new plane. We together make an environmentally conscious effort and you, the customer gets a discount as a thank you and have the opportunity to update your wardrobe again if you wish.

What happens to your recycled garments? Follow the journey of Uhips recovery ongoing in projects on our social media.