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Clo® Insulation is the designer and developer of Vivo, a revolutionary thermal insulation that’s proven to increase breathability by up to 30%. Apertures set in Vivo’s unique design allow moisture to move away from the body unimpeded while simultaneously trapping air, thereby enhancing warmth and comfort.

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The Paradox of Warmth
The Tyranny of the Cold

The alarming truth is this—many garments designed to keep you warm and comfortable can ultimately leave you cold and uncomfortable. The reason is unsuitable insulation. Think about it. If you’ve ever exerted yourself in low temperatures while wearing a warm, outdoor jacket, your body overheated, likely resulting in sweat against your skin. But when your activity slowed, your body cooled itself. And the moisture remained. It had nowhere to go. The irony is that the “warm” garment you looked to for protection betrayed you. It left you cold, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

Clo® Insulation is changing this. We’ve developed Vivo, the most breathable insulation on the market. Vivo can increase breathability by up to 30% without decreasing thermal performance.

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